Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, well...

One year when I was growing up in semi-rural Texas, it became apparent that we were going to need a new water well. My dad was a construction guy with considerable skills and connections and was very thrifty. Seeing a savings of around 25%, the decision was made to have the well driller drill the hole and we would take it from there. After all, how hard could it be? The answer to that question is almost always "not hard at all if you know what you are doing." 

We knew almost everything that we needed to know...almost. Long story short, we didn't know how large the perforations in the casing needed to be and erred on the smallish side. The well didn't flow enough and in trying to correct that once the casing was in the hole, we collapsed the well. 

After an embarrasing call to the well driller we had an new professionally finished water well the flowed very nicely. The final cost was 150% of having it professionally done to start with, not to mention a Saturday that we could have spent at the lake. 

In the audio, video and stage lighting worlds, it is easy (and common) to go the DIY route, but if you are not careful, you can hang a speaker, projector, screen, or light fixture, point it in the right direction, fire it up, and then have that "why is it doing that?" moment. 
The staff  at Norris Audio Video wants to be a resource to you. We never begrudge the fact that you might want to reduce costs by doing part of the work, but we would love to help with design and implementation to help you prevent costly mistakes.

The next time you are considering a project, give us a call at 888-667-7474 or log on to our website at We will work with you to get a great result, whatever your level of need.

May your next project "flow" the way you want it to!

Michael Norris

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A word about wise quality/price decisions

     I have a scoop. Not the hot news type, the kind with a handle. I am into my fifth decade and I can't remember the scoop not being around. It was my dad's scoop that passed to me and I cherish it but certainly have not retired it or relegated it to light duty. I have used this thing for all kinds of projects, (most recently the blizzard of  '13) and it just lasts and lasts. I'm sure my dad had to make a decision  when he purchased that fine tool, whether to pay the price for the better product I still use, or purchase a cheaper one. I am grateful that he made the choice of the better product because of two things: First, it never has let me down. Second, when I am using it, it's like a part of my dad is there helping with the project.

     We all are faced with the same kind of choice with nearly every purchase. I encourage my customers to consider the long term results of their audio, video, and lighting purchases. Are there plans to expand or relocate a facility?  Does the equipment being considered meet the needs of the new or enlarged facility? Is it robust enough to deliver good results over its projected lifespan? Is its low price a result of nearing obsolescence? I also encourage customers to thoroughly explore why one product may cost more than another and to understand features, capabilities and build quality. There are almost always multiple products manufactured for any given purpose. While it is not wise to buy more that you will ever need, I have seen more situations where an item purchased lacks the power, features, or build quality to stand the test of time. That always results in added frustration, disappointment, and cost.

At we sell lots of different products and none of them are perfectly suited to every user and situation. Please feel free to call us to discuss your needs. We will guide you through the process to the equipment that will best suit your needs today and in the future. We want you to be happy with your equipment long after you forget how much you paid.

Michael Norris