Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Great Practice to Consider

This week we are working with a long-time church customer that does an annual technical audit. They choose to do theirs at the beginning of each calender year and each year we look  forward to working with them. In December after the Christmas activities and programs, I receive an email with a list of things that they want to improve, and we set a date to begin. We schedule a couple of technicians for a couple of days, make sure we have the materials we need, and on the appointed day, go to work.

Since the customer is in a city a few hours away, we typically arrive around 11:00 am and take a walk around the facility to finalize plans. Then, always the hospitable types, they take us to lunch where we enjoy conversations both technical and just for fun.

Back at the church we set about making the desired improvements to their technical systems, and finish off our time with an hour or two of instruction for the staff and volunteer technicians, usually centered around a rehearsal. We go over the improvements made, any differences in operation, and expected outcomes.

By all accounts this annual project is refreshing for the customer and for us. The church staff gets the systems maintenance and upgrades that help them do their job, The volunteer technicians get the training they want and need to feel competent, and we see a church that is focused on delivering their message with quality. At the end of our time with them everyone feels fulfilled, valuable, and prepared to fill their roll effectively.

That's not a bad way to start the year!

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